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Yard sales used as lure to help sell homes

Stored under In the News on September 6, 2007 at 12:20 PM
Residents of a Lehigh Acres neighborhood say they are sick and tired of living around half-built and overgrown homes. This weekend, the group plans to clean up the streets. It's not just to beautify the neighborhood - but to sell it to potential buyers.

The idea is that a dirty lot simply isn't going to sell. So the group plans to pick up the garbage and rip out the brush, but they won't do it alone. They're calling on the realtors themselves for help.

Deborah Sebastian isn't happy with what she has seen. She says the Lehigh neighborhood she chose to build her dream home turned into a dump.

"Dump trucks, pick up trucks and business trucks - they dump all over and that gives us a bad look," said Sebastian.

To get to her home, Sebastian says she passes garbage galore. She says the the garbage is stacked, bagged and lingering - festering in Florida heat.

"They are going to come see all the trash, this is a trashy neighborhood! Why would I want to live here?" said Sebastian.

She says many builders have given up on their lots, abandoned landscaping, and can't even keep their signs in the ground.

"There are a lot of duplexes half-built. Some are all the way built but grass is overgrown. They are just not selling," said Sebastian.

Deborah is no realtor, but she thinks she knows what won't sell.


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