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How to run a garage sale

Stored under In the News on August 16, 2007 at 11:37 AM
In the rest of Canada, the cardboard signs and folding tables make their appearances throughout the entire stretch of summer.

In Ottawa, however, there is one particular day where the garage sale is elevated to the status of institution and attracts thousands from the region. Every fourth Saturday in May, residents of the Glebe neighbourhood put out their wares for purchase. Janet Sutherland, the event's community liaison, suggests setting up early (people show up at the Great Glebe Garage Sale at 6 a.m.) with all items already priced--either individually or in groups.

Instead of offering a hodgepodge for passersby, such as the items pictured below, she says items should be grouped by type (books for 25cents). Making sure you have a cash float with lots of change is also important.

Many Glebe residents try to beat out their neighbours with offerings besides the results culled from the basement -- brownies at 50cents a piece might make that table with the Boy George records and Buns of Steel tapes more attractive.

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