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Mega garage sale spans 100 kilometres

Stored under In the News on August 23, 2007 at 8:07 AM
It's the Mother of all Yard Sales, the long-distance run of garage bargain-hunting, a smorgasbord of discounts.

It'll sprawl for about 100 kilometres across Elgin County, with more than 100 vendors -- from homeowners disposing of unwanted stuff, to churches and community groups recycling used items and businesses slashing the prices on surplus inventory.

If you drive the route of the historic Talbot Trail, it normally takes about 90 minutes at posted highway speeds. But this Saturday it could take you much longer -- especially if you have cash and the impulse to tickle your fancy.

Maybe it's books, CDs or DVDs, a folding card table, garden rake, power drill or crock pot.

Almost everything you can think of from a home has been offered in the sale's previous years, says Marg Emery, executive director of the St. Thomas-Elgin Tourist Association.

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