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Tons of tips for your garage sale

Stored under In the News on July 19, 2007 at 7:35 AM
A crowd of people charged straight at me when the garage door opened for my big sale. Helpers jumped behind tables loaded with "good stuff"-and the fun of garage sales began.

The season of yard sales is upon us with signs around town and front yards overflowing with yesterday's gotta-have merchandise. Most folks face it eventually when "keen treasures" we've successfully accumulated must go.

For me, the revelation came when my empty-nest house had more grass to mow, more energy-consuming maintenance, and not enough of me to go around.

A smaller downtown Des Moines water-view condominium stole my heart and 32 years of "good stuff" had to go.

I zeroed in fearlessly, cleaning out nooks and crannies piled high with boxes and dusty stuff, some of which I hadn't seen for ages. Then the sorting began. Something I kept, however, are these useful tips that I learned from my yard sale.

Do you remember when your kids moved out years ago, leaving things for you to store "just for a little while?" Well, it's probably still in the same spot and even the kids wonder why they kept it. Tell them to come and get it, lock, stock and barrel.

This is also a good time for them to take items you intended for them that you won't need.

Listen to the music of their laughter and memory-talk as they sort the items. Gain some help, too, by arming everyone with a grease pencil, price tags, 409/Windex and paper towels. Clean stuff sells best.

No matter if the thing looks ugly, put it out. Toss odd items in a box marked, "Your choice-All ne price." It's amazing what people buy. Donate leftover items to charity.

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