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HBO Fans Hit Yard Sale

Stored under In the News on June 21, 2007 at 9:30 AM
It wasn't your grandmother's yard sale but if you searched hard enough you may have found some items from Uncle Junior's house, or maybe Tony and Carmela's house.

Bargain shoppers and die-hard fans lined up Tuesday outside a warehouse in Queens, N.Y.

They hoped to buy props used on the set of HBO productions, including a few from "The Sopranos."

The furniture included lamps, housewares and trinkets that once decorated the sets of numerous HBO shows.

Shoppers were disappointed to discover few familiar props from Tony's house or the "Bada Bing" were sold at the yard sale.

James Gandolfini's stand-in also went to search for memorabilia.

"The stuff I wanted was all shipped off to L.A. The house stuff, the kitchen, the wall clock which I had my eyes on since day one, episode one, eight, nine years ago. Didn't get that," Donald Metzger, "Tony's" stand-in, said.

The majority of the well-known props are now in Los Angeles for safekeeping until Time Warner decides what to do with them.

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