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Garage sale offers loads of bargains

Stored under In the News on January 10, 2008 at 7:41 AM
By mid-morning, the jumbo-sized garage sale filled with hundreds of vendors and bargain hunters trying to strike deals on trinkets pulled out from the backs of closets, precious antiques saved for years, marbles, DVDs, houseplants, records and all the other staples of the home marketplace.

For many who came Saturday, the ninth annual "World's Greatest Garage Sale" at the Monroe County Fair & Expo Center in Henrietta, was a gigantic treasure box to dig through.

"This is the thing I get excited about all year," said Fran Lander, of Le Roy, Genesee County. "We make sure we come every year."

This year, Lander had come in search of a glass teapot and didn't find it. "But I found everything else," she said, leaning up against a cart filled with pillows, clocks, baskets and other odds and ends.

In another corner, Greece resident Josiane Laloggia scanned over painted dishes and mirrored vanity sets — "just to see if I can't find some good deals," she said. Already, she'd purchased a Gorham crystal ball for $2.

"And you can't beat that," chimed in sister-in-law Janice Laloggia of Fairport.

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