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Garage sale purchase of a $10 Cruet Set turns into sale of $850 antique.

Stored under In the News on November 15, 2007 at 7:33 AM
Just imagine how ecstatic Marla Stickland was when the tarnished and dusty little Huilier (Cruet Set) she picked up for a mere $10 at a neighborhood garage sale, turned out to be an important antique. She had no idea that such a dull looking item, when cleaned revealed a maker's mark and a bunch of other symbols that once deciphered by, turned into a sale of $850.

Not only were these marks totally nonsensical to her at the time, but they were dispersed throughout the piece. They were interspersed at various parts of the underside, and looked like initials with a flower, a woman's head, a bearded man's face and other strange looking ciphers. The first thing Marla thought was to use Google and search for all these symbols. But how do you even begin describing all these little images using words and terms, most of which can only be communicated using convoluted and long sentences? She was stuck.

After spending countless frustrating hours On-line, but driven by her intuition that there must be a story in these silver marks, she stumbled upon She knew that her cruet set was made mostly of silver, so she thought "if I could at least identify the silver marks, I may have a starting point for more research...". She was right! displays all antiques marks in shape categories. So, if a mark looks like a ship, then all marks that look like a ship or a boat, are displayed on one page. If a mark looks like a crown, all marks that look like a crown are listed on one page. The same with animals, flowers, crests, letters and a number of other shape categories. This pictorial method makes it easy to find antiques marks by just looking at images and comparing them.

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That's cool. We've found some very good deals looking at local yard sales and garage sales. We've used this site: to find sales.

Got some items we've resold for 100 to 900% more than we bought them for.

Written by isuelt on Dec 9, 2007 09:17 PM

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