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Thanks, garage sale thief

Stored under In the News on April 5, 2007 at 9:40 AM
By Roger D. James, Galesville, Wis.

Thank you to all but a few of the people who came to our "garage/moving" sale. My wife and I had an enjoyable three days meeting and visiting with you. We feel that we "did well." It was interesting and educational that some items sold so rapidly and others that we thought would go quickly were slow. All things considered, it was fun.

Unfortunately, one female had a different approach than most and "took a little shine" off our experience. Some also stretched "good taste" or "fair" by moving items into boxes that were marked at one price for the box. That was disappointing but not to the extent that it was a big deal.

On the other hand, young female, you may choose to try and fool yourself into thinking you made a good deal when you piled so much together then got it all for $30 (offered $20 for $60 to $70 worth of items that you removed some tags from).

I don’t think you really got "a deal" because those items and your forehead have "thief" indelibly written on them. Please understand that removing the tags and hiding a platter under the clothes was not part of the process of dickering or bartering. You know very well that your intent was to hide items and you rationalized that you would then "get a deal."

It’s doubtful that your conscience will bother you much, but please remember that you did, in fact, write "stolen item" on some items. When you look at them, only you will see the writing — others will see a really good deal.

Yes, you "paid for them," and Sheila, my wife, did agree. She didn’t get to see all of what you had in the pile (she was busy with honest people); you’d done well arranging items. You did steal her smile and part of the fun she had. Friday night and Saturday she still worked at her sale and enjoyed the interaction with others. You were still there though and kept a dark shadow over the enjoyment of a very, very good person.



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