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Sale turns clutter to cash

Stored under In the News on April 26, 2007 at 7:48 AM
It was a bargain shopper's dream.

Spread out across the SilverLakes community in western Miramar and Pembroke Pines, more than 300 homeowners offered everything from clothing and furniture to antique cars at the recent seventh annual Garage Sale and Charity Event.

Treasure hunters even had a map to help them navigate to each sale.

"It makes it easy to get around and find all the sellers," said shopper Amy Regent, of Miramar.

SilverLakes is made up of 38 sub-developments, not all of which allow homeowners to have garage sales. But once a year, those rules are relaxed and the security gates swing open for browsers from all over. "Residents like it because they know when it is and have time to get ready. They also don't need to advertise it," said Joy Savaiko, the community's director of special events.

The two-day sale is a benefit to homeowners who get to clean out the clutter. Residents also donated items to a local homeless shelter and the Salvation Army, which lined up trucks at the community park to accept donations.

"It is very good for both the community and us," said Dave Sayre, director of operations at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center. Sayre said the donations filled three trucks and one trailer the first day of the sale.

Previous charities to benefit from the event include the Miami Rescue Mission, Crossroads Food Bank, Women in Distress and Kids in Distress.

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