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No yard sale: Woman cleans house on eBay

Stored under In the News on April 12, 2007 at 11:52 AM
ST. PAUL, Minn. - Lisa Perry wants to make one thing clear about her decision to sell nearly everything she owns in one massive eBay auction.

"This might be midlife, but it's not a crisis," the 45-year-old St. Paul woman said. "It's midlife excitement."

When the online auction ends Thursday, the top bidder will get everything but Perry's dog, cat, photo albums and some clothing.

Talk about a clean slate: The 300-plus items going in a single lot include snowshoes, a futon sofa, a coffee maker, a queen-size bed, a Village People album, a milk crate of seashells, a computer, skis and shoes. There's a coffee table with inlaid tiles, Danish modern bookshelves and rugs.

The auction winner has to pick everything up within three weeks.

You can have it all right now for $2,000. That's her reserve number, meaning she can back out of the deal if the top bid falls short of two-grand. But she's so ready to unload her stuff, she might lower the reserve.

"I don't need it all," Perry said. "I don't use it all. I just have it all. Actually, it has me."

Perry has been studying Buddhism the last six years and started fancying the notion of "releasing attachment to things."

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