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Garage sale: Sign of spring

Stored under In the News on March 29, 2007 at 8:00 AM
As I was driving through the snow-filled scenery last week, I caught a glimpse of something amazing. Was that truly what I thought it was? Could it possibly be?

I turned my head to make sure. Yes, it was a sign for an upcoming garage sale.
Wishful thinking? No. Spring was finally arriving.

Maybe it’s just the new Daylight Saving Time thing that’s got me encouraged. I love that it’s still light out at seven p.m.

It’s becoming obvious winter is going away, but a bit too slowly. One day, I actually caught a bit of green on the lawn outside my kitchen window, before we were hit with a late-season snowstorm.

The poor birds, back from wherever they go for the winter, seemed as confused as I was. Still, they’re hanging on, knowing warm weather and worms will soon be here.
Yes, things are promising. Note the following sure signs of spring:

- The Easter Bunny has arrived at the mall.

- Regis and Kelly are on spring hiatus.

- You can buy Peeps (in a wonderful assortment of colors!) at the supermarket.

- It's almost tax day.

- I saw a bug in my bathroom.

- Some of my neighbors have come out of hibernation.

- "Dancing with the Stars" has started again.

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