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A peculiar sale for the inquisitive

Stored under In the News on March 22, 2007 at 8:24 AM
A garage sale in Baldwin Lake Saturday and Sunday, March 24 and 25, is bound to draw the curious. They may not necessarily be looking for a bargain, but they’ll be looking for clues to a bizarre story that unfolded there in the summer of 2002.

The garage sale of sorts is at property on Pigeon Road off Baldwin Lake Road. The garage sits on property belonging to the Natural Heritage Foundation now under the guise of Wild Haven Ranch. The garage is where Christian Lindblad and his girlfriend, Tina Stebbins, lived. It’s where he shot her and held her hostage for several days while Christian and his parents tended to her life-threatening wounds with soap, water and gauze.

No house sits on the property, just a two-story garage that has been taken over by critters. When the paramedics took Stebbins to the hospital and the sheriff’s department arrested the Lindblads in July 2002, the garage was closed and left to the elements. Some office equipment has been shoved inside, and it appears that items have been shoved and stacked haphazardly to make room for the office equipment. But little else has been touched.

In the upstairs make-shift apartment once occupied by Stebbins, Lindblad and their children, food remains in the tiny kitchen cupboards, clothes hang in a makeshift closet and in the kids’ room, blankets and toys are scattered as if the children hopped out of bed that morning and would return at sundown. It might have been home at one time. Now the cubicle is a refuge for mouse droppings, dust, dirt and junk.

Outside isn’t much different. Abandoned cars, campers, toys and a swing set, scrap metal, fencing, pipes and old ski lift towers litter the property. A bunker that’s waiting to be opened is barely visible under a collapsed shed and junk piled around it. What was once a beautiful piece of property with an extraordinary view has lost its luster.

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