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Garage Sale Gal to teach MCC class

Stored under In the News on February 1, 2007 at 7:04 AM
Barbara Thelander needed an idea to take to the table for her upcoming meeting. While reading The Arizona Republic one morning it came to her.

"I thought, this is a person we should have teaching for us. You are so informed and your columns always have tips that make good, common sense," she told me during a recent phone conversation.

Barbara is the director of Community and Continuing Education for Mesa Community College. She was reading one of my columns on garage sales when she got the idea for me to pass along some of my garage sale expertise to students.

That's right! The Garage Sale Gal - that's me - will be teaching a non-credit course this spring on selling stuff and buying bargains at garage sales. Now, you might be thinking, it's a garage sale, how hard can it be? You put some stuff in the driveway and sell it, right?

Well, true. But there are some things you can learn that'll help you better maximize your garage sale skills. I'll be giving tips on topics such as how to negotiate for a good price - whether you're buying or selling, which day is the best day to hold a garage sale (and this may surprise you!) and what simple "tool" can make or break your sale.

Terri Sparks is also with community education at MCC, and she says we just can't ignore the popularity of garage sales in the Valley.

"Everywhere you go you see garage sales. So, why not learn how to buy and sell effectively. I believe there's an art to it and I think (Lynda) can help us convey that."

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