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A sale so simple, a child could do it

Stored under In the News on February 8, 2007 at 7:30 AM
Last summer, our neighborhood had a community garage sale. As we gathered, our once-loved trinkets in the driveway, our 4-year-old son, Robbie, became intrigued. He wanted to sell some of his items, too. So we made a little pact with him: If he sold some of his old toys, he could use the money toward the new “big-boy” car seat he had wanted for quite some time.

As the potential customers walked along the sidewalk, my son walked along with them. “Do you have kids? Would you like to look at my toys?” Robbie asked the passersby. His eagerness and enthusiasm made many trade show salespeople look like amateurs.

After trying his charm with three people, one kind lady took the bait. Robbie escorted her to his toy table. With his arms behind his back, he proudly watched her look over his toys. Finally, the woman picked up his plastic piggy bank, priced at 50 cents. After looking it over, she calmly placed it back on the table. “You have very nice toys,” she told Robbie as she began to walk away.

Without hesitation, Robbie asked, “Do you like my piggy bank?” “It's very nice,” the woman said as she continued to move on. Robbie followed her. “Would you like to buy it?” he asked. She looked down and smiled at the short little man. “No, thank you,” she replied.

“Do you already have a piggy bank?” Robbie asked curiously. The lady cocked her head, “Well, no.” “Well then, you should buy mine,” Robbie said, confidently handing her the 50-cent bank.

With the bank in her hand and a smile on her face, the lady reached into her purse and handed the 4-year-old salesman two quarters. Robbie happily put the coins in the cash box, thanked the nice lady and returned to the sidewalk to talk to the next stranger.

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I've been hopping from one BLOG VILLAGE blog to another this morning, and reading post after post that has me smiling and chuckling to myself. Thanks, I needed this. How precious!!! Something tells me he's going to get his big boy seat ;)

Written by Dirty Butter on Feb 22, 2007 02:44 AM

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