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Hundreds get garage sale fix

Stored under In the News on January 11, 2007 at 10:02 AM
(January 7, 2007) - HENRIETTA - The first year Wendy Marullo came to the annual garage sale at Minett Hall, she wasn't really prepared for all the wooden boxes and Coca-Cola items she'd want to buy. So she only brought one bag to carry things home in.

"That year my dad and I bought a suitcase on wheels and filled it up," she said as her father went on shopping and pulled a wire cart behind him. Marullo's own cart stood nearby, not quite half full of things for herself and her husband.

All summer long, Marullo, of Canaseraga, Allegany County, goes to garage sales, looking for bargains, and the indoor sale at the Monroe County Fair & Expo Center gives her a chance to enjoy her hobby during the winter.

She and hundreds of others had their pick of items from more than 100 booths Saturday. One booth offered rusty old children's wagons; another had dishes that looked like they came from Grandma's cupboard.

Lots of vintage board games were spread throughout and plenty of wooden benches, records, pictures and knickknacks filled booths.

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