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Yard Sale Attack

Stored under In the News on December 14, 2006 at 7:08 AM
n 82-year-old woman is accused of getting out of hand at a yard sale in San Carlos Park, Florida over the weekend.

Deputies say she stabbed a man with a knife, frightening customers and neighbors alike.

Grant Boxleitner has the story.

"She was jabbing at me. She was jabbing at me, literally with the buck knife," said David Paci.

Paci got much more than he bargained for at his neighbor's garage sale. He says 82-year-old Sybil Atterbury started chucking knives.

"She reached in and threw a chef knife at me, probably a 9-10-inch knife," said Paci.

Witnesses say Atterbury was honking the horn and cursing at anyone within earshot.

"There were people buying things and I'm trying to make change, and his woman came running up and says here's a dollar. The woman's got a gun," said Bev Hornack.

It wasn't a gun, but according to deputies, Atterbury had at least two knives in her car, including a large butcher knife.

"By the time I looked back, she had another buck knife in her hand, taking jabs at me, and she got me twice on the arm," said Paci.

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