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Garage Sale Antiques-An oxymoron?

Stored under In the News on October 26, 2006 at 10:42 AM

There is a quasi-new antique store in the Lincoln Lakes Area.

Garage Sale Antiques used to reside in the small garage adjoining Arnie Oldenburg's business, AOK Engines, on Highway 10. Arnie's wife Kathy, a long-time lover of antiques, opened the shop in 2005, but soon needed more space. There were other dealers from as far away as Detroit Lakes begging to rent space from her to sell their wares. She and Arnie then built a 40 by 80 foot building next to AOK Engines and Kathy, along with 15 other dealers, moved in this past summer.

The term "garage sale" gives the impression the buyer will pay a good price. The word "antique" does the opposite. It gives the buyer the idea they may pay dearly for an item. But Oldenburg and her dealers seem to be able to blend the two very well. The products available at Garage Sale Antiques are moderately priced, in good condition and the variety is wide.

Kathy began this business with her friend Linda Michurski because, as she put it, "I love antiques. Also, Arnie and I are very close and we need to interact often during the day. I doesn't make sense that we work miles apart. When we lived in Belle Plaine, we had the same situation. I was at home with the kids and he had his machine shop behind the house. We just have a hard time being away from each other for long periods of time."

The decor of Garage Sale Antiques is very "up north." The walls are knotty pine with old-time local advertising signs spaced sporadically. The dealers are individualized; some carry glassware, while others have dolls, furniture, books, pottery, toys, sports and hunting items, and so much more.

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