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Garage sale is more work than profit

Stored under In the News on September 7, 2006 at 9:16 AM
The second load has been delivered to the Salvation Army store in Adrian. Today a friend is stopping to pick up a generous pile of stuff for the Rollin Baptist Church auction in October.

Although a few treasures are still left, I can now walk through the garage, vowing with every step, "never again."

That "never again" has been said before. In fact I believe in this column I said I would never endure the pains of another garage sale. So I lied.

You know how it goes. Things begin to pile up. You go to the grocery store for a box and begin to fill it and shove it into the corner of the garage next to the box of unsold merchandise from the last sale. Then there's a second box and more until the makeshift warehouse has the promise of raking in several hundred dollars. Wouldn't that be nice to help with the winter taxes or a plane ticket?

I don't know who has winter taxes of $138 or knows where to get a plane ticket for that price. That was my take on the two-day 2006 sale. Being a businesswoman, I suppose I should deduct the cost of the advertisement and the signs, leaving me with a round $130.

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