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Baby clothes or bayonets: Bargains abound at summer yard sales

Stored under In the News on September 19, 2006 at 8:50 AM
"Why did you take a picture of our sign?" That was a legitimate question. I was taking a couple of hours one Saturday morning to garner enough facts and quotes for a nice Pride feature on yard sales, so I guess my activities seemed a bit odd. I was tempted to tell her that it was my hobby, but better sense made me spare her and speak the truth.

I was also getting a last dose of summer. Garage Sale and hand-drawn yard sale signs are as sure a sign of summer as shorts and the aroma of sun block.

Every weekend I can count on seeing yard sale signs at the intersections and browsers braving traffic to reach front yards.

Most of the time I don’t find anything that particularly grabs my interest. Being single, I’m not in the market for baby clothes or children’s shoes, and I have all the glasses and dishes I need. Once in a while I do pick up a good book for almost nothing. For instance, I was walking down Oakvale Avenue for my Saturday morning exercise when I noticed a sale. I idly inspected the merchandise and found a mystery novel for 50 cents. Normally, I would have paid more than $7 for it.

Every shopper I interviewed last Saturday was looking for something in the same broad category, a bargain.

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