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Community garage sale features 175 homes

Stored under In the News on August 22, 2006 at 2:54 PM
Summer's version of post-Thanksgiving Black Friday drew crowds Saturday to Hidden Valley as shoppers lined up after sunrise and began staking claim to their favorite items.

People could choose from about 175 homes to shop during Hidden Valley's 16th annual community garage sale.

"I usually look for gifts and sometimes books," said shopper Araceli Rodriguez, 15, a McQueen High School student. "Here the books are 50 cents and at a store, they're $4."

Pebble Beach Drive resident Bud Nixon said he sold most of the items he put out and that the event was a good way to clear his house before he moved.

"We had a chimnea, and we could have sold it 20 times," said Nixon, 62. "It sold first thing.

"It's a fun thing to do, there are lots of friendly people, and we got rid of a lot of stuff we won't have to move."

Coordinator Bud Johnson, an East Hidden Valley Drive resident who started the garage sale in 1990, said Saturday's event was a success and that its size increases gradually each year.

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