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How to Have the Best Garage Sale

Stored under In the News on July 18, 2006 at 9:36 AM

Make your garage sale sell!

What a way to spend a weekend, selling your good junk for real cash! Just put it out, set down and wait for the customers to give you their money...

Seriously, now. If you've ever had one garage sale, you probably look forward to the next with a mixture of dread and excitement. It's great to get rid of the clutter, and especially great if you can exchange it for some cold cash - but it's a lot of work! There is no way around it.

You can get tired, cold or hot according to the weather, hungry, thirsty and impatient in the space of a few hours... then the hours, which seemed perfectly acceptable when you wrote the ad, can drag on and on and on...

So the first rule of order is to make yourself comfortable. Cook ahead of time or plan on having sandwiches. Plan on sharing time "on the floor" with someone else. Never have a garage sale alone. You'll need someone else to take over while you eat or answer the phone or change into warmer or cooler clothing, but you will also need to take breaks without having to do anything.

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I used to garage sale all the time, but I can't imagine having one right now, it's 107 where I'm at!

Written by Marti on Jul 19, 2006 06:35 PM

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