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Garage sale advice from seasoned sellers

Stored under In the News on July 18, 2006 at 9:34 AM
Apparently, Friday is the new Saturday when it comes to holding garage sales.

That was the judgment of Jennifer Van Every of Royal Oak, who held a garage sale with her mom and sister last weekend.

"Friday is a good day," she said Saturday morning. "We made over $300 yesterday."

Van Every said she worked a Saturday/Sunday garage sale with her brother earlier in the year and it had not done as well.

Andrea Bader of Royal Oak and her mom, Patty Spate of Mount Pleasant, agreed that Friday was a good garage sale day. They said together they made about $300 the day before also.

In Berkley, Thursday was pronounced a good garage sale day. Mom-and-daughter Rebeccah and Shelby Behm, said they had their best day two days previously, with about 25 people, and only 20 on Friday.

Along with the theory that Friday is a better day to start a sale, these sellers had other advice for first-time or rusty sellers.

None of them placed ads in the classifieds, but all agreed that good sign placement is key.

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