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"Get Wise" To Garage Sale Success!

Stored under Selling Tips on June 14, 2006 at 4:19 PM

* NEWSPAPER ADS. You hardcore sellers should already know to do this. Put one in the paper three to four days before the sale, and let it run all the way to the sale day. Include the location and start time.

* COMBINE GARAGES. Hooking up with a neighbor or friend means more merchandise, which attracts more traffic (trust me, word of a heavy volume garage sale gets around quickly!). Plus, your friend may have a better location -- one that is on a street corner or near a subdivision interest that gets a lot of street traffic.

* PUT UP SIGNS THE NIGHT BEFORE OR TWO HOURS BEFORE THE OPENING. They ought to have lettering 3 to 5 inches high indicating the sale and the address. Use contrasting colors (black on white is best), and three of them with arrows should be enough to guide motorists to the sale.

* "YARD" SALE MAY NEED A PERMIT. If you're selling items in your front yard, most municipalities require you purchase a permit if the sale lasts for multiple days or if you are planning yard sales multiple times per year.

* PRICE ITEMS 1/3 OF THE NEW PRICE...if you want them to move!





I have created a website that is a visual based yard sale listings website. Users can simply enter their zipcode and find sales near by instantly via a map. Each sale is also expandable into a balloon to show details of the sale. I see that you have some tips to help users find garage sales, I would appreciate it greatly if you could add my site to those tips as well.

Thanks for your time!

Best Regards

Yard Sale Database

Written by Yard Sale Database on Jul 4, 2006 01:26 AM

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