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Estate sales can be trove of unexpected treasures

Stored under In the News on June 23, 2006 at 11:57 AM
It's a busy day today for Angie Karakey. She and her partners are running a "store" of sorts in north Scottsdale. "When we first open our doors there's usually a line . . . maybe about 20 people long. They know there's something here they want - jewelry, dolls or quilts."

Angie is part owner of A Woman's Touch, a company that organizes estate sales. An estate sale typically involves homeowners who are selling their "estate" or their home and everything in it for various reasons. Usually it's held due to one of several reasons, or a combination of retirement, relocation, divorce, downsizing and death.

If you like garage sales, chances are you'll love estate sales. While garage sales are often held outside, estate sales are always inside and are full of unique items up for sale. "Estate sale contents should include furniture, household items, appliances, collectibles, everything. Estate sale means complete. Garage sale just means you're changing your décor or the kids have outgrown their clothes."

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