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Yard sale or bust: Looking to buy or sell? Here are a few tips

Stored under In the News on May 11, 2006 at 2:42 PM
Yard sale or bust: Looking to buy or sell? Here are a few tips Treasure aisles abound for secondhand goods What to do with the leftovers Here are tips for a successful shopping experience Secondhand can be second-rate for safety


Whether you're looking for items to replace things you lost to a tornado, vintage costume jewelry, or music equipment, you're not alone. Yard sales are a fun and interesting way to fulfill your needs.

Nona Brummett first got interested in yard sales after her home was destroyed in the 1999 tornado. It doesn't matter how much insurance you have, she said. Everything can't be replaced brand new.

"As you are trying to rebuild your home, you don't know exactly what you need or want. So my daughter and I started going to yard sales and picking up items to make do, until I got all the decorating ideas worked out."

Now, Brummett explained, she continues to seek out yard sales for two reasons.

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