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Yard sale bargains may be hazardous to health

Stored under In the News on May 23, 2006 at 12:28 PM
With yard sale season started, Health Canada wants to remind Canadians that some of those yard sale treasures may be safety hazards.

Safety laws do not just apply to new products sold in retail stores -- they also apply to second hand items sold at garage sales, flea markets and second hand stores. People selling used products are responsible for making sure that the items sold meet the requirements of the Hazardous Product Act (HPA). Of particular concern to Health Canada are items such as children's sleepware, car seats, baby gates, playpens and baby strollers.

Health Canada said that it was illegal to sell baby walkers in Canada, whether they were new or used and advise that people who have one should destroy the walker before throwing it out so that it cannot be used again. Another second hand item that Health Canada was concerned about, where children are involved, was second hand window blinds. The government agency said that extreme caution should be taken when hanging the blinds to make sure that the cords do not cause a hazard for children.

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