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Yard sale aficionado shares shopping tips

Stored under In the News on April 26, 2006 at 11:12 AM
Let's face it: the value of a dollar just isn't what it used to be. But you can make the most of that dollar by hitting yard sales.

When researching the best yard sale tactics and tips, I stumbled upon Tess Gerhart and found a gold mine of information. She is the queen of the best deals, the diva of dollar stretching.


Gerhart graciously shared some of her tips and tricks for getting the best bang out of a buck via yard sales and garage sales.

Be prepared

Pack a cooler with beverages and snacks, along with a backpack with an extra change of clothes for everyone on board.

Make sure you have toys and games for your children to play with along the way. You might also find some new toys on your travels to entertain them.

If your kids are old enough, get them in on the action.

"I usually give them a couple of dollars and once that's gone, it's gone. So now they know how to wheel and deal," said Gerhart.

Like you would do for your children, go with a certain amount of money and don't go over what you've budgeted. This tactic will also encourage you to spend wisely and seek out the best deals.

Go to yard sales with a buddy. Make a list of items each of you is looking for, then you hit one part of a neighborhood or area of town and let them hit another.

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