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Pricing is key to successful garage sale

Stored under Selling Tips on April 21, 2006 at 12:47 PM
How do I price this stuff? Pricing tends to be the hardest part of having a garage sale for many people. The general rule of thumb most recommended by experts is 10-20 percent of the retail price or value, but this just doesn't always cut it. You probably have a little more leeway during the Great Mukilteo Garage Sale because it attracts a lot of buyers, and some have a pocketful of money to spend. However, there's more to pricing than just a percentage of the retail price.

It can be really frustrating when you just have no clue at all what you should sell something for. Remember, there are no clear-cut, hard-and-fast rules on pricing garage sale items.

First you have to decide why you're having the sale. What's your first priority? Is it to get all that junk out of your house, or is it to make money? Think hard about it. Don't just choose one. It's always a little bit of both, but which is the most important? If it's to get rid of stuff, price low, of course. If it's to make money, just make sure you don't price too high.

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