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Join forces with the neighbors

Stored under Selling Tips on April 6, 2006 at 12:07 PM

Multi family garage sale. That is what will catch alot of peoples eyes. The ability to stop at 1 large garage sale over 5 small ones is very tempting to garage sale buyers.

Exploit this and team up with your neighbors to have a multi home sale or even a block sale. Make sure that if you decide to have one home where everyone places their stuff, it should be the most visible. Designate jobs for each of the families such as keeping things clean or taking the money.

Coordinate your prices. Sell similar items for similar prices and they will be more likely to sell. If 2 families are selling the same item and they have a price difference, who would want to pay more? Straighten these types of things out prior to the sale.

Be sure to have alot of easy to read signs that clearly state that it is a multi family sale.


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