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Husband's ashes sold at yard sale

Stored under In the News on March 15, 2006 at 8:27 AM

The Associated Press

EAST STROUDSBURG -- One deal she made at her daughter's moving sale woke Sarah Volpe with a start at 3 a.m. "It dawned on me. O, my God. I think I sold my son-in-law's ashes," she said.

Her daughter Jane Hanlon's husband loved eagles so much that when Brian Hanlon died of cancer three years ago, Jane had some of his ashes placed in a black eagle statuette about 10 inches high.

Hanlon left the eagle on the fireplace mantle with some of the items for sale, and Volpe said she had forgotten the statuette also served as an interment urn. Now she is trying to find a "very, very sweet" brown-haired woman who bought it for $30.

Volpe ran a classified ad under "garage sales" hoping the buyer would read it. Meanwhile, Jane said she doesn't blame her mother. "It was my fault I left it out. Do a lot of people sell their husband?" she said. "It's not really funny, but I've been trying to make a joke out of it all day."

Story via Centre Daily Times


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