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Survivor Of Yard Sale Attack Vows To Forgive Gunman

Stored under In the News on February 16, 2006 at 9:19 AM
The sole survivor of a yard sale shooting spree is speaking publicly for the first time. The teen who shot her pled guilty last month to avoid a trial for murdering two people.

Debbie Strasburger was wounded. Her son and neighbor were shot and killed. You'd think she would be full of anger and hatred, but instead she said she is blessed and has a new appreciation for life.

Debbie was shot in the hand, head and abdomen. She no longer has full use of her right hand and she's blind in her left eye. She believes the only reason she survived was because of her son, "He came running down the hall, screaming 'Leave her alone.' I was still sitting up, for him to see me like that, he probably thought I was dead."

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