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Stored under Garage Sale Signs on February 22, 2006 at 1:15 PM

Garage Sale SignYou wake yourself up at the crack of dawn to go garage sale hopping and what are you welcomed with? Signs that are extremely small and nearly impossible to read.

We have all seen these types of signs throughout our trips but every once in a while you see a sign that stands out above all of the rest. One that can be seen from a few blocks away. A sign that pulls you towards it like an unnatural force. Well this sign to the left is not necessary one of those, but it did a lot better job than most.

I was able to clear spot this sign and arrow from a quite a bit away, giving me plenty of time to merge to the right lane. The lettering stands about 6 inches I would say and while most people would recommend having your garage sale with atleast 3 inch lettering, this is the case where the bigger than writing, the better.

Is analyzing garage sale signs a stupid thing to do? Maybe so, but if one seller was to find examples of good and bad signs and they decide to make a great looking one, then its all worth it. I'm putting my foot down and demanding that sellers begin to create better and clearer signs.


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