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Seller Tip: Wash that clothing

Stored under Selling Tips on February 17, 2006 at 8:36 AM

The majority of garage sales are going to be selling some form of clothing. Whether it be pants, shirts or coats, there is one thing that is a must. You must wash these clothes. In fact, you are more likely to sell clothing if they have that freshly washed smell of laundry detergent. No one wants to purchase something that they know is dirty and may turn something down that otherwise would have sold.

On another note, while putting each of these into the wash, check the pockets. Money and other things are left in pockets all of the time and then put through the wash. Normally this wouldnt be that big of a deal but seeing as you looking to sell such items, you dont want to be giving someone free money that was left in the pocket. Always check the pockets!


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