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Buyer Tip: Leave your information.

Stored under Buying Tips on February 21, 2006 at 9:55 AM

All garage sale hunters should certainly go hunting with a limit in mind. This is just good practice with any purchases however what happens when you find an item at a garage sale that you'd would love to take home but just don't have the budget for it? Ultimately, there is little you can do but whats stopping you from leaving your contact information for the seller to contact you if the item does not sell and they are willing to lower their price? Nothing.

It is not uncommon to see prices from a garage sale drop dramatically as the day goes on. The seller wants these items gone and if their price was too high throughout the day or simply was not an item that buyers were looking for, the seller is going to have to drag it back into their home or to their curb. Sellers are going to want to make as much money as they can but when it comes down to making nothing, they are likely willing to take a low offer.

This is where leaving your contact information comes into play. Simply giving the seller your name and phone number may result in you getting that item you wanted at a drastically lower price. Now the item may sell as normal and you may be out of luck, but it cant hurt to try this easy task. Try it on your next hunting and report back if you were successful.


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