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New years resolution: Unclutter your life.

Stored under Miscellaneous on January 3, 2006 at 9:34 AM

Cluttered Room
The new year is upon us and while many people may set their resolution to lose weight, many of us may need to unclutter the house that we live in. I know that in recent days, I will be dumping many things on EBay in hopes of freeing up some room and making a few bucks while I'm at it. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't always choose EBay over a good ol' fashion garage sale, I just don't have enough items to warrant a sale.

For the buyers, this time of year on EBay is the best time to pickup some great deals. Many people decide to sell their old items or sell items that they received duplicates of. There are people who even sell gifts that they just don't like. Regardless the reason, this is the time to buy things off of EBay.

The best tip to uncluttering your house would be to take it one room at a time. Inspect the entire room, looking for items that you have not used for over a year. Many people believe that if you have not used an item in over a year, the chances of you using it the following year are slim. This is all dead weight that should be sold or given away. If you are in a hurry to unclutter your home, you may want to look at ideas other than a garage sale. A garage sale may take time to properly setup and will keep the clutter in your home until that time. The idea is to get rid of the stuff quickly and giving it away would likely be your best bet.


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