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More cities create garage sale ordinances

Stored under In the News on December 7, 2005 at 6:05 AM

Sleepy Hollow signs off on garage sale sign ordinance
The village of Sleepy Hollow, IL has begun placing restrictions on garage sale signs and number of sales each home owner can hold per year. The ordinance was unanimously approved on Monday that requires signs can not be larger than 6ft square and cannot be put more than 15ft off the pavement. Neon and motorized signs have also been prohibited. Have you ever seen a motorized garage sale sign?

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Burns votes to regulate yard sales
Burns, TN has also recently passed an ordinance to regulate garage sales. The ordinance allows only four 3-day sales per year and a permit must be obtained prior to each of the sales. In addition, each sale must be at least 2 weeks apart and can only be performed during daylight hours. When was the last time you saw a night time sale?

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