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Stored under Weekly Finds on November 22, 2005 at 10:25 AM

Garage sales and EBay are by far the best places to pickup baby items. Whether they be toys, clothing or furniture, you will most likely get a huge discount and have items that are still in pretty good condition. This past weekend while out hunting, my wife and I picked up this Fisher Price Sparkling Symphony Gym. This gym is a few years old seeing as it is no longer on the Fisher Price website but still in great condition. We purchased it knowing it was missing a few extra toys but the sounds and lighting still work as normal. Our newborn boy definitely seems to enjoy this as much as we enjoyed the price. I consider this a great buy for only $2.50, especially seeing as my son will be able to grow into this toy and use it for many months to come.

*notice* Always check your baby items for recalls.


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