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Seller Tip: Make a 2 day sale worthwhile.

Stored under Selling Tips on November 23, 2005 at 9:37 AM

Many people who have had a garage sale on both Friday and Saturday will notice that on the second day of the sale, it is common to see less customers. Many people believe that if you are having a 2 day sale and you happen to go on that second day, you have already missed out on the good stuff. While this obviously may be true, there are obviously still things for sale, things that your customers may still want. Early birds are most likely to attack a sale the first day and pass it up on the second so how do you bring them and everyone else in on the second day of your sale? Simply advertise twice.

If you put an ad in the newspaper, run two separate ads for Friday and Saturday. This may make the customer believe that they are really getting to the sale on the first day when in fact it may already be the second. Another way to get people to come by if you are not advertising in the newspaper is to change up your signs. If you have a sale on Friday with a bright pink sign, put a sign up on Saturday with a green background. Someone that was out the day before and had already came to your sale may be tempted to come back again without even knowing they had already been there.

While the techniques may be a bit sneaky, they are worthwhile. It is very possible to see a big improvements of a 2 day sale with these suggestions.


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