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Seller Tip: Leave out your address.

Stored under Selling Tips on November 30, 2005 at 11:11 AM

I have seen my share of tips from other people about successful garage sales but one that I see often is that they recommend putting your address on your sign. I however believe that this is likely a bad idea. Sign space is certainly limited and putting your address on the sign may force you to make other more important writing, smaller. Many people scour the neighborhoods and surrounding areas looking for sales and just because you put your address does not mean it will make finding the sale any easier.

Drivers are more than likely not going to have a map in their car that will help them find your sale. The job of the sign is to quickly alert drivers which direction they need to drive. You need to baby step these drivers to your sale rather than relying on them finding it themselves. Create additional signs that lead to your house on every necessary street corner. This will help make sure that people are in fact getting to your sale and not turning around in confusion.


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