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Nettleton relaxing yard-sale rules for the week

Stored under In the News on November 17, 2005 at 8:03 AM

If you are lucky (unlucky?) to be living in Nettleton, Mississippi then consider yourself ultra lucky because starting today through Saturday, the town will allow everyone to have a garage sale without having to pay the normal $5 permit fee. It appears that the city is trying to turn this into a yearly event which they now hope to see over 900 yard sales over the next 3 days. In addition to $5 permit fee normally, the citizens are only allowed to have a total of 3 yard sales per year. This weekend however will be considered a freebie.

It seems like Nettleton, MS will be a great place to go bargain hunting. I can only imagine the cluster of sales will be outrageous, saving you time and money. If anyone here lives near Nettleton and plans on attending this event, please take some pictures so we may see how well the city took to the freebie weekend.

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